Last year, member organizations of the Utah Wilderness Coalition (UWC) accepted then Utah Governor Olene Walker’s invitation to participate in a “Comprehensive Land Use Plan Working Group” in Washington County, Utah. The Sierra Club, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, and The Wilderness Society represented the UWC at the working group meetings.The working group was convened to discuss wilderness protection for Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands in the Zion-Mojave region of southwestern Utah and potentially make recommendations for legislation in Congress.The working group met on five occasions, the most recent meeting occurring in November 2004.Comments from participants of the working group were submitted in December 2004.While the member groups of the UWC have continued discussions of wilderness designation for the Zion-Mojave, they have also summarized the Land Use working group process and provided suggestions for any similar discussions in the future.

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Banner: Beaver Dam Mountains proposed wilderness. Photo by John Garder
Sidebar: Canaan Mountain proposed wilderness. Photo Lin Alder